From parks and gardens to art galleries, there are many things to do in London for free. Buzzed with entertainment and life, the city is remarkable in offering a few exotic visitor destinations, attracting millions of visitors annually from every corner of the world.

You'll be stunned by the iconic gardens, historical monuments, and Gothic-style churches displaying the old British historical heritage and cultural importance. Here are a few of the most excellent things to do in London for free:

1.Changing of the Guard

All should witness the circumstance and pomp of the Changing of the Guard ceremony at least once. We don’t care if you are only in town for a few days or if you are a Londoner, this is among the best free visitor draws in London.

2.London Mithraeum

The Mithraeum is a Roman temple devoted to the enigmatic figure of Mithras, whose cult-like devotees were surrounded by a veil of mysteriousness. It sounds too strange to be real. The Mithras Temple really exists, and you can reach and explore it for free.

3. Barbican Conservatory

The Barbican is among the city’s most excellent cultural venues – placed in a series of remarkable Brutalist buildings close to Smithfield. For the most part, you must pay to get the most out of the incredible program of films, theaters, and concerts.

However, the Barbican has a small secret – a relatively great free thing to do in the city.

4.Big Ben

The Clock Tower, or Big Ben, is the city's most well-known landmark, popularly renowned for its gigantic bell and striking clock. Big Ben illustrates all four emblems of the nations of the UK by showing a rose for England, a leek for Wales, a shamrock for Ireland, and a thistle for Scotland.

5.Greenwich Park

Open all-over the year, Greenwich park is among the royal sites to witness in the city for free. Scattered all over a region of 180 acres of land, you can enjoy a pleasant walk over the expansive greenery of the park adorned by brightly coloured rose gardens, old Chestnut trees, relaxing and beautiful pathways and green meadows.

6.Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Market is among the city's more impressive markets. Columbia Road blows out into bloom each Sunday with a lovely age-old flower market. Now, of course, purchasing something here is certainly not complimentary, but you are more than welcome to come to light and have a stroll.

7.British Museum

London is quite a cool city in multiple ways, but one of the things that truly puts it on top is the number of museums you can witness for free.

Numerous of the city's most prominent museums also come up as some of the greatest free draws in London.

Need help choosing which one to visit? Head to the British Museum. It's unrivalled regarding the sheer scope of trinkets, artifacts, and artworks on exhibit.

8.Hyde Park

Among all the royal gardens in the city, Hyde Park is the most extensive and remarkable site to see while traveling the city. Spread over 350 acres of land, gardens, fountains, statues, sculptures, a summer house, and memorials adorn the park.







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