Traveling can be an excellent experience for everyone. Witnessing the earth outside of your busy life is a priceless adventure. This experience can make you feel highly liberated and widen your horizons.

As they say, life is all-about the trip, not the destination. So, follow these straightforward travel do's and don'ts to have the most incredible journey possible!

1.Do your research

 When heading to a new land, knowing as much as possible before getting off is essential and will make your venture much more pleasant! Remember, you are traveling in someone else's country, so expect natives to speak your language only occasionally!

Learn about the exchange rates and currency to make it more straightforward to monitor your spending. Learn about the local culture and customs, and research the site you will be staying in – is it good to head out at night? Are there shopping or beaches near you?


2.Don't leave packing to the last minute

 Provide yourself with much time to pack, plan your outfits, and do laundry. Eight times out of ten, you can bypass forgetting items by giving yourself time to think precisely what you require! Avoid randomly throwing things in your bag an hour before you depart – you will either forget something or over-pack!


3.Do ensure your own security when in a risky country

Gangs? Pickpockets? Scammers? Remember to evade risky conditions in unfamiliar countries where criminals prey on visitors:


  • Don't have large sums of money on you
  • Avoid bringing valuables in plain sight
  • Avoid strolling at night, or in remote areas
  • Always park in a well-lit region
  • Utilize your hotel safe (and remember the passcode!)

4.Don't consume local water if it's not safe

Nothing is more threatening than getting ill on the journey of a lifetime because you consumed untreated water. Do your analysis before moving – ask your guides if the water is good to sip and, if not, only consume bottled water.

Also, remember that food may be cooked or washed in with regional tap water too. If you get sick, pack some digestion medication and anti-nausea.


5.Do travel to new areas

Do your best to head someplace new every time you visit. Rather than spending all your time on the coast at your tropical hideaway, witness the city, take a bus tour, see museums, or interact with residents.

These are good ways to bring the most out of your holiday venture and discover something new!


6.Don't surrender to jet-lag 

Try to regularize your rest schedule as soon as you reach your destination – don't destroy your journey by heading to bed at 8 pm every evening; you could skip out on vibrant nightlife and holiday time

7.Do be nice to people you meet

From plane attendants to hotel staff, simply being friendly to everyone can create someone's day and end up gifting you.


8.Don't let yourself be forced around by salespeople

In foreign nations, market vendors and local streets can be relentless in attempting to make a sale. They'll yell, and a few will even go so close as to grab you to draw your attention to their things. Please don't allow them to guilt you into purchasing their products; know it's good to say no and step away.



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